Top 10 Best City Building Games For Your PC

Top 10 Best City Building Games For Your PC

Top 10 Best City Building Games For Your PC

December 9, 2020

City Building games can be really addictive and fun to play if you are into strategy games. Yes there are a lot of PC games that can be much more fun to play with amazing graphics, story line, and action but if you are into strategy games then you can’t ignore the fact that games which involves building cities are one of a kind. You can play an action game straight for 2-3 days after which you may have think about downloading and playing yet another game, whereas with City Building games, one can easily get to play the game for a long time as well as you if you are into playing strategy games then you can play these games for days without getting bored. Also in this days people like to watch movies online free with some best free movies streaming sites like 123movies, go movies, soap2day, putlockers, fmovies and thousands of others movies streaming sites.

City Building Games For PC

So if you are searching for the best new city building games for PC then you have come to the right place as now I am going to talk about best city building games for PC. For all the gamer out there, yes I am a gamer too and I have played few of the games and have also reviewed their game play. So, you can choose any of these Top Best New City Building Games for PC and enjoy playing these games all day long or when you want to.

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List of Top 10 Best New City Building Games For Your PC Computer:

All the games mentioned below has been released or will be released soon so if you are thinking about playing any of the games then you can be sure to enjoy playing these games when and wherever you want to keep yourself entertained. So without further delay let me take you through my list of the best city building games of 2018, hope you like them:

Cities Skylines:

Skylines from the Cities is the most realistic city building games that you can choose from. You will have to face off with all the obstruction of building your own city just like an architecture in real life. Build a modern city with 3D dimensional structure with different difficulty levels and much more features that makes Cities: Skylines worth playing.

Anno 2205:

A futuristic city building game that offers you to face the most obstruction while building a city which makes it really realistic to play around with. Here the main& final objective of the game is to gather Helium 3 which in the game is found in the outer space. And to find the Helium 3 component you will need to colonize earth and build your way to gather Helium 3 from outer space.

Cities XXL:

Cities XXL is the perfect combination of building cites as well to manage the resources that you gather from the city. Here in this game, your objective isn’t only to build a big city but also to manage the city and keep the citizens happy. You can choose to build different types of buildings depending on the difficulty that you chose to play with.

Urban Empire:

Want to be the mayor of a city and build it from the ground up? Well if that’s what you want then Urban Empire can offer you with the game play which allows you to be the mayor of a up building city. Unlike other city building games for PC, Urban Empire allows you to customize every building the way you want to so your city can be the way you want to.

Forge of Empires:

If you are into Sci Fi city building then Forge of Empire is definitely for you. Here with Forge of Empire you can build your own empire just like any other city building games but with a little twist. What you can do with this game is build & upgrade different types of research centers that can help you boost your city building. And what makes this game more amazing is that you can train your own empire and use them to fight against others.

Sim City:

Who isn’t familiar with Sim City right? Well so, it would be a shame that I didn’t include Sim City in our list of top best new city building games for PC. Sim city is undoubtedly one of the best city building simulator with all the realistic type of graphics, realistic disaster events and building requirements. And with growing city you will have to keep focusing on game play more and more.

Tropico 5:

A tropical island that need to be built into a prosperous city. Tropico 5 is yet another amazing game by Kalypso which brings a great building experience. You can get to build a city of your own with the freedom to build your city the you want to. Beware, this game also offers the clash of citizens and political parties just like a real city which you have to take into account and keep control of.

City Play:

At the first look, you may think that City Play is a city building game for kids but believe me, there is more than just what looks offer in the game. You can build all the builds that you may come across in your own city and many more. Build the city as you want and keep control of the city economy to get to a great ending. This game may be the smallest in this list which you can get over with within a month but you will definitely want to play it over again.


Banished is a game that you play even when you don’t have a great build PC. But don’t underestimate the look of the game as this game requires high strategically building plans. You have to work you way through the different event which you have to get through to expand your city or results can be disastrous. So if you are will to play a city building game that offers you to play a realistic game play but with the least PC configuration then Banished is what you need.

The Settlers 7:  Paths to Kingdom:

The Settlers 7- Path to Kingdom is yet another great city building game that you would love to play. This game may not offer you with a realistic graphics but it will defiantly help you test your skills in city building games with other cities trying to takeover your city with force and political options. You can even over run other cities and play with friends with quick game-play.

Another Brick in The Mall:

When you think city building games are the best in strategy building games you might want to try Another Brick in the mall. This game doesn’t only limit you to build and play building cities but also allows you to manage and increase your business in resources by building and increasing your mall resources.


There you have it, these were the list of top new city building games that might interest you. And if you are willing to play some of the best new city building games for PC, then you can choose any of the above games and enjoy playing them. So, hope you will like this list of game which will help you to choose the best game for you. if you think this is helpful for you then share it for other person by clicking any sharing bottom. also you can give us your valuable feedback  in comment section. thank you!

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